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Form & Technik GmbH is exactly the right one!!

All-round use
Titan is light, solid, extensible, corrosion and temperature enduring and can therefore be used in fields where limited weight, high endurement in corrosion or temperature and solidity are important.
We can offer for every utilisation the fitting material – either in pure titan or titan alloys – as well as the best production technique. We have a wide range of possibilities for the individual production of your parts.
The titan parts are always X-rayed and hipped before delivery. Upon customer’s request the parts can additionally be tested on tightness and compression strength and test reports can be issued including measurement journal, chemical analysis and further tests.
A lot of versions
We cover a weight range from 0,02 kg up to 2000 kg.
Interested in solutions
Talk to us. Our recommendations to optimate your part for the range of employement are for the benefit for your cost structure.
Personal contact
 Our staff are always there for you, whether for an individual consultation of a short-term inquiry.

Form & Technik lets produce according to ISO 9001:2000, NADCAP & AS9100 and has MIL certificates.